The Proper Floor Polishing Procedures

Your floor goes through a lot on a daily basis, getting stepped on with different feet and footwear can ultimately zap the shine from your flooring, leaving it with a dull, worn down appearance. No matter what the builder used as the material for your floor, you can restore its look and give it a more polished finish than before. It can be done using some essential tools and equipment, as well as a bit of manual labour.




This type of floor should go through professionalfloor polishing Adelaide every two to four months, depending on the amount of foot and wear traffic it’s enduring. Choose your desired polishing product designed for wooden floors, squirt it onto your floor, spread the solution over the floor surface and start mopping your way towards a clean and shiny finish. Allow it to dry before polishing it again for the best results.


Marble, Stone & Granite


The best floor polishing Adelaide method for stone floors involve sanding. Use a silicon-carbide pad loaded on either a stone grinder or a handheld drill. Start with a low grit of 24 to 70 grit, then gradually progress through 100, 120, 400, and progress your way to sanding pads of up to a thousand. To achieve a high-quality glossy shine, you should always keep your drill or grinder moving constantly. It will also prevent any potential damages.


Ceramic Tile


You will need an about a pound of ceramic tile polishing material for every 130 to 150 square feet of flooring. You can apply the polish straight to the floor using an old rag or mop. Once you’ve covered your entire ceramic floor, you can then use a buffer to start polishing. The recommended rate for your buffer is around 175 rpm.




Laminate floors cannot stand up to standard floor polishing products. Instead, use a vacuum or a standard broom to push cup stubborn dirt and dust. You can then clean your floor afterwards with a damp mop. If you want some added shine, choose the floor cleaning Adelaide product that your floor manufacturer will recommend.


Polish Your Floors the Right Way


It’s essential that you understand the quality and type of floor you have. It gives you the information needed to determine the right polishing product and procedure for your floor. If you don’t have time to polish your floor on your own, contact your local floor polishing Adelaide services to help you with the task and get it done without having to do it yourself.