Common Uses of Retaining Wall – Residential and Commercial Point of View

With just a drive through the Sydney area, you will see a variety of retaining walls around businesses, homes and neighbourhoods. If you observe carefully, you will note that there seem to be many different types of retaining walls for different purposes. These walls can be built for industrial or decorative purposes or both. We’ll take a closer look at the uses of retaining walls Sydney in this article.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that gripson the enclosed material. This wall can be decorative, used to hold back landscaping soil in the front of a house or a structure used for levelling heavy grades holding back tons of material.

Why use a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is useful in a variety of applications. However, the most common use would be to level a grade or slope. This levelling process allows for areas that are unusable, to functional one. This concept can be as simple as to levelling or raise a garden bed, by creating additional yard space that is strong enough to park vehicles.

Why use a Retaining Wall?

From a residential point of view, some of the reasons to install or use a retaining wall include:

* Creates a levelled area around the house for shrubs and flowers
* Can be installed around a pool area to help level the slope that is created when installing an in-ground or above ground pool.
* You can install one to elevate the soil and hide above ground tree roots
* A retaining wall is used to create a raised section underneath windows for flowers and plants.
* A retaining wall is also used to level areas of the property for easy mowing and trimming

From a Commercial Point of View

A retaining wall can be used to reclaim sloppy land that was initially unusable to create a hotel park or for parking vehicles.

With retaining walls, it is easy for property developers to maximise sloppy lands for new constructions.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider building retaining walls Sydneyif you live in a sloppy area. Even if you are not in a sloppy area, you can add a retaining wall for decoration purposes. All you need is hire the best landscapers to have your retaining wall designed to meet your needs and to ensure that the wall is built professionally. Also, by working with the right experts, you will have unlimited options when it comes to choosing the design and building materials to use.