Why Should You Go for a Newly Built Home?

Since the mortgage crisis continues to inundate the market with distressed properties, prospective home buyers today have unlimited choices when it comes to cheap, foreclosed homes. But in spite of all those negotiable deals in the previously-owned home market, consumers should not overlook the potential perspective of purchasing a new home. The lists below are the reasons to choose a new home over a resale.

1 – Customization

New home builders usually allow their buyers the access in the process of designing their property. They enable the buyers to participate in making it easier to tailor the customers’ likes and taste especially. For example, new buyers can seldom decide the position of their room like where the bathroom should be, the favourite type of flooring they want to use, the colour of both interior and exterior paint. Buyers transferring into subdivisions can sometimes choose the lot which they like best.

2 – Energy-Efficient Appliances

Another reason you should consider newly-built homes is that they usually come equipped with energy-efficient and modern appliances that will help you save up to a thousand dollars annually. The list includes refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces, AC units, washing machines, and others. Yes, efficient appliances matter a lot in this day and age.

3 – Expect Fewer Repair Needs

The best new home builder Adelaide out there will pitch that buying a newly-built home is advantageous since you do not expect to spend money on expensive repairs. It is true that there will be some repairs along the way, but all of them do not require you to replace stuff. In other words, the house does not have significant wear and tear for you to be worried.

4 – Less Maintenance

Newly-built homes of today are explicitly constructed to shorten maintenance requirements. On the other hand, buying a used property means that you have no clue what to expect from it. Simply put, you might face a lot of maintenance issues to keep it in practical living condition. Since you assume that majority of the components of a newly-built structure are new, it implies that maintenance is not a foremost concern, at least for the next several years.

5 – Warranty

Finally, you should consider hiring the best new home builder Adelaide to build your house since you will most likely get the most generous warranty for the structure. Living in a newly-built home means you are confident that nothing is wrong with it and that your builder will assure a full warranty for at least a year. You apparently will not get that convenience should you choose to purchase a pre-owned house. In buying a resale home, you need to invest in a home inspection to ensure that there are no hidden defects. With a new home, you do not have to do that.