Silage Cover Benefits

Perhaps you already know by now that in making silage for your animals or livestock, there are more than a couple of different ways you can go to preserve it, the idea of which is to retain the quality of the feed and make use of it even after an extended period. Some of the commonly used strategies in Australian farms are silage wrap, silage pits, and silage net covers. In this blog post, we will focus our discussion on the benefits of opting for silage covers.


It is no secret that making silage is a crucial process in securing the feeds in your farm. No barn or animal farm owner wants to run out of food for the animals, especially during inopportune times. If livestock farming is your primary source of income, you cannot mess it up by undermining the value of food preservation. In making your silage, your primary objective is efficient and successful preservation. Storing your silage is not difficult; it is convenient, not to mention effective if you choose to use net covers. What happens is that instead of wrapping the bales or putting them in pits, just like how you traditionally would do it, you will cover the silage. Of course, feed preservation done this way will only succeed if you use high-quality silage net covers and not just any cover you buy online or in local dealers.


It is not that hard to figure out if you are buying the ideal silage cover. The first thing you need is to do thorough research and lots of it. You probably are not aware, but manufacturers of silage covers now integrate modern technology with the aim of producing something that will help farm owners like you preserve silage with the highest possible retention of the product’s nutritional value.


Know that the best silage net cover not only protects the pile from moisture and water penetration but also possible damage to air and sun exposure. Likewise, choosing a premium quality cover effectively reduces the likelihood of dry matter loss. Simply put, you are getting maximum freshness and nutritional value for your feed.



For those who invest in livestock farming like you, there already is an acknowledgement that the cost to harvest as well as preserve good quality silage will rise without warning, although it also means the value of forage will increase. Therefore, it is your responsibility to guarantee the use of the best silage cover variety to minimise feed loss. It is made possible by lessening the oxygen that passes through the silage pile, thereby preserving the value of the feed. In other words, if the oxygen value is low, you produce high-quality silage as a result. So, if you hope to produce silage with the best possible quality and value, you must put in the effort and time to look for a reliable seller or supplier.