What to Consider in a Wedding Marquee Hire

If you are responsible for organising a wedding, a traditional venue is the safest way to go. But if you wish to add some distinctiveness to the wedding, the decision to go for a wedding marquee hire Adelaide is an intriguing prospect. Unlike a traditional venue, a wedding marquee hire offers you a blank canvas, which means you have a lot of room to showcase your creativeness. If the soon-to-be couple wants something out of the ordinary or they merely wish to have a unique atmosphere, then a marquee hire is an excellent option.


However, like the manner of choosing a traditional venue, finding the right marquee hire also requires attention to detail and comparison shopping. You cannot just select the first one you come across, expecting that all other options offer the same features. You must ensure you give the following factors some consideration:


1 – Size


You first must figure out how many people you expect to attend. The wedding is a massive event, with the couple inviting friends, family, co-workers, and practically everyone. So, before you move on to searching for prospective wedding marquee hire choices, you first must consult with the couple to have an estimate of the number of guests they expect. The more guests to accommodate, the more space you need. The good news about a marquee wedding is that you have lots of room for your guests, even for party crashers!



2 – Budget


In choosing a wedding marquee hire Adelaide, it is no secret that the budget comes into play; in fact, it plays a crucial role since you are limited to options within your range. It does not make any sense to start considering prospects without first figuring out how much you can afford. Keep in mind that marquee hire prices vary, but the good news is that most of them come with reasonable offers. You also can consider a complete wedding festival package that includes all the amenities you need in organising the wedding.


3 – Style


Another factor to consider in choosing a wedding marquee hire is style. Fortunately, modern marquees offer versatility regarding design. Of course, you should pick a style that suits well with the theme of the wedding. Your options include modern, bohemian style, classic, minimalist, and traditional, to name a few.



4 – Décor


Finally, choose a marquee that offers you enough room to decorate it in the way the couple in the wedding would prefer. The thing with marquee hire is that you might come across some of them that do not give you room to customise the setting. Know that the reason why you choose a marquee hire over a traditional venue is you want flexibility and versatility.